About Us

We don't do fashion like anyone else does fashion

Mehdi was launched in 2004 with a mega show in Lahore. After that with all the hard work and love from this industry and clients, Mehdi achieved the top slot in Pakistan. With growing business within Pakistan and internationally we have come a long way and evolved as a signature bridal brand.


Mehdi’s designs combine the elegance and sophistication of yesterday and dynamism and funk of today to produce a unique vision of tomorrow.

Mehdi's Forte

Mehdi tests the boundary of his creations, be it his casuals or formals, couture or prêt-a-porter. Crafting the perfect designs for the modern woman, who dares to be different and yet maintains her cultural roots, seems to be Mehdi’s forte.

Mehdi Style

Mehdi does not believe in what is in and what is out, he rather believes in statements. He always promises to create a silhouette what a perfect fit, alluring cut, a dreamy fall of the design and mouth watering colors that blend into the signature Mehdi embellishment style. “Versatility is what he labels as his biggest strength”.

Fashion Shows

Mehdi has done several fashion shows all over the world. Mehdi’s fashion shows met tremendous success in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, London, Romania, Mauritius, Manchester, Toronto, Norway and Bangkok. His label has adorned a huge number of magazine covers.

Mehdi's Designs

Mehdi is one of the top most brands of Pakistan, producing and delivering the most stunning and glamorous designs for the people in love with fashion. Mehdi has a loyal clientele and admirers of his work, both at home as well as abroad.

Fashion Designer

Mohammad Mehdi

Mohammad Mehdi, a graduate of PSFD (affiliated with La Chamber Syndicate de la Couture parisienne, France) took up his passion for sculpture and pottery after completing his degree but decided to switch to fashion designing in 2002, by creating a small collection.  And now the name, Mohammad Mehdi, figures prominently among the country’s leading fashion designers and evokes images of cutting edge contemporary style colored with shades of tradition and culture. At a relatively young age, this couturier par excellence has garnered a reputation for excelling in both eastern and western wear, due mostly to his creative genius and unwillingness to compromise on quality. The success of that collection led to launch of the brand Mehdi in 2004.

Our Mission

For an artist everything that grabs his/her attention is inspiration, for me it comes from paintings, different cultures, music and travelling. I am a person who believes in design philosophy and always end up making collections with a statement.

Our Vision

My parents told me that I am a born artist. From drawings, paintings, clayplay sculptures to fashion design, my journey has always been art oriented. Fashion was my interest since a long time so I chose to be a designer and that is something that I now take pride in.